{Foodie Eats} In & Out

Just some of what I’ve been munching on lately. In and Out.


So, I finally got a waffle maker! I’ve been wanting one of these for a really long time.  I got THIS ONE and I really like it, and I can store it upright.  The next step is to make some protein waffles from scratch.  This time I cheated a little and used Bob’s Red Mill Organic High Fiber Pancake & Waffle mix and added a scoop of Vanilla Pro Whey Protein.

Had my super crunchy crusted, soft inside waffle with some pear butter I got from my Foodie Pen Pal and fresh berries. Yum!

Besides being obsessed with fresh waffles from the waffle maker, I’ve been eating these for lunch like they are going out of style.  Sliced cucumbers with hummus (Sabra lemon is my current fave), diced jarred pimento, feta cheese and sriracha hot chili sauce.

My current go-to breakfast.  IsaLean vanilla shake with vanilla almond milk (make sure you go with the unsweetened one), papaya chunks and honey.

Made some quick and healthier arroz con pollo in the rice cooker.  What I do is I turn on the rice cooker, heat up some EVOO, brown up chopped onions, garlic and diced chicken, then add the rice and replace half the water required to cook the rice with chicken stock, season with Spanish Sazon {salt, garlic, cumin, coriander, annato} and let the rice cooker do the cooking 😉 .  Now fried green plantains are not as healthy but they go perfect with arroz con pollo.  Of course some jalapeños and hot sauce {or jalapeños with hot sauce} to close the deal.

About that bottle in the background.  Not the hot sauce, the other one.  I’ve been enjoying this beer all. summer. long.  Grapefruit and ginger make for a good tasting beer.


So have you tried EVOS? I finally did the other day, there is really not a handful of locations to choose from in my area, actually there is only one close enough for me to eat there every now and then.  But food is actually really good and healthier than traditional fast food, they airbake instead of deep-frying and their meats are naturally raised.  I had the fish sandwich and the kids had cheeseburgers, they were both really good!

But the fries and the cayenne ketchup {they have a bunch other flavors} were the highlight for me.  Even though the “fries” are not fried, they were not soggy and had a good “fry” texture, could pass for a fried fry any day. 

Talking about burgers… This less healthier, but spectacular burger from The Burger Joint was so good and can’t wait to try to make at home… The Greek burger: “Featured on Food Network’s “Throwdown with Bobby Flay.” Yes, it won! Fresh ground leg of lamb, seasoned with cumin, mint and garlic. Topped with tzatziki sauce and feta cheese. Served on a fresh, buttery-toasted brioche bun”.  Yep! as good as it sounds and these sweet potato fries were very fried.

Because sometimes I get this nostalgic feeling of having to eat Latin food {yes, I HAVE to}… I hit up our favorite Colombian spot Macita’s for some med-rare churrasco with chimichurri, red beans, rice and oh! there are those fried green plantains again, wonder why they just keep appearing on my plate?

Kk, let’s close on a healthier note… Starbuck’s tomato mozzarella panini {toasted goodness} with a passion lemonade iced tea is the perfect light lunch on the go.

That’s what I got for now.  Eat well, fuel life. 

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