{Foodie Cooks} French Toast with Peaches-Maple-Chia

So it all started with a pic Lindsay posted in Instagram about some Chia little packet samples she had gotten and with my long-time curiosity for Chia seeds. It was all then followed by Marney’s generosity to send me some samples of Mila Chia to try. Regardless of reading about these seeds all over the running and health websites and in the book “Born To Run”, this was my first time trying them. Not sure why it took me so long because their nutritional value is amazing.

So Saturday the weather had started to deteriorate because of tropical storm Isaac, but we still got in some rainy miles.  Troopers!

Getting home at 8:00 am after the run to a warm shower, child-less home and stormy weather called for some good recovery time and food. I really wanted to hit up the Mila samples, but I am not crazy about its texture when drinking it straight up mixed with liquid. So I got creative and made a peaches and maple topping supercharged with Chia seeds. Having something that will “thicken” up food rather than wheat flour is nice, and Chia seeds do just that, they become thicker kind of jelly-ish when mixed with liquid. So the texture of the topping was just perfect and so was the flavor, since the seed are truly flavorless.

For the french toast I used 6 slices of Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl Bread which has a decent ingredient list and nutritional value at 80 calories per slice. Beat 2 eggs with 1/4 cup 2% milk, 1 t ground cinnamon and 1 t vanilla extract. Dip bread in egg mix and cook on a slightly buttered non-stick skillet until browned.

For the topping I diced 2 peaches, cooked them for about 3 mins, then added about 4 T maple syrup and 1 packet of Mila and simmered for about 5 mins.

Of course, it all came together with some bacon and hubby’s perfect cafe latte.

Hoping to try other things with Mila soon.


4 responses to “{Foodie Cooks} French Toast with Peaches-Maple-Chia

  1. I have a ton of peaches in the freezer from a local farmer, and I haven’t found anything to use them for until now. This looks so good, and I love adding chia seeds to anything. I can’t wait to try the recipe this weekend!

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