Notes To Self: {While Away} I Learned That…

… I need to make sure my priorities ARE and STAY in place.  They should look something like this: God, Family, Work, Give Back, Hobbies, etc… When I try to rearrange them myself, life has a way of reminding me the hard way how it is supposed to be. every. single. time.

… Sometimes we need to quit to move up. I know I am a huge promoter of “never quit”, but never say never… drastic measures and tough decisions are sometimes necessary to shake ourselves up.

… Surrender brings Glory.  Because being a “convenient Christian” is not who I want to be.  We were given a complete Truth that requires a complete surrender.  He gave His life, I give Him mine.

… I am truly blessed. 

… Friends can {almost} make you forget how depressing getting older can be.

… Being an authentic blogger is more important than keeping a blog “front” or trying to “keep up” with posts.  I don’t think my blogging identity was really in place, I think I was more concentrating on keeping up with a “theme” than keeping up with my self. Not sure I can classify my blogging style, and that is ok. Here, I get to be my spontaneous self. Not sure my posts will be on schedule, and that is ok.  This is my place for things worth my time writing and worth your time reading, because the rest of the time we ought to be living!

.. I need to “Embrace The Camera” more often.  Inspired by this beautiful blog party, I am committing myself to taking more pictures with my children.  And just taking more pics. Period.

… Sometimes a little time away does the soul good. Makes coming back, to where you never really left, feel really good.

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11 responses to “Notes To Self: {While Away} I Learned That…

  1. Totally agree, especially on the part about “keeping up” with blogging. I always feel like I’m a million miles behind all the bloggers who post daily. This is a good reminder that it doesn’t matter how often we post, as long as our hearts are in it 🙂

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