Friday {Five} Faves #2

Really enjoyed putting this together last week and looks like ya’ll enjoyed reading, so let’s do it all over again… with a DIY theme.

{All pics belong to source}

Fave Fashion DIY {Ribbon Sandals}I love ribbon, I’ll fall in love with cute patterns, buy them and never use them. I do have a box full of ribbon that looks I’ll be using this summer! And simple sandals like that can be found for cheap anywhere!

Fave “Never Forget a Birthday Again” DIY {Birthdays Chart} This is something I always struggle with: having a one go-to place for writing down birthdays year after year. This is a real one-time only deal.

Fave Nail Art DIY {Typewriter Nails} Nail art is sooo in, this one is easy and not too crazy.

Fave Accessories DIY {Button Bling} I am so making me some bracelets for summer, but it doesn’t stop there, check out the super cool ideas on their website for all kinds of accessories. That’s another thing I have a lot of: spare buttons.

Fave For The Home DIY {Mason Jars Storage} This is something I absolutely NEED. I have no countertop space on my bathroom vanity, but empty walls on each side… And they look so cute.

Have a great weekend!

Oh ok, I will share the news, don’t want to be called names like “teasser” no mo’… hehe… totally fave personal moment of the week: buying a treadmill for the house! Can’t wait for it to get here! Fitness bliss I tell ya’.

Any fave DIY you want to share?


6 responses to “Friday {Five} Faves #2

  1. I LOVE the birthday chart–cutest idea ever!!! I love anything and everything to do with birthdays so I am going to have to get one of these!!!

    Also, I adore Mason jars! It must be my love for anything Southern. That is such a great DIY project!

  2. I loved the button bling!!!! so cute!!! and congrats on the treadmill!!!! oh my God!!! perfect for this hot, hot and super hot / humid weather of ours!!! it is going to be great for your incline workouts, speed/tempo runs, so exited for you!!!!

  3. I love the sandals! I also pinned the mason jar idea. One of the coolest, easy DIY things I have tried is taking a mason jar and putting a picture in it. Then you poor in olive oil to give the picture an antique vibe. So cute!

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