Christopher’s Kitchen

Palm Beach Gardens is not my neighborhood, not even close, is about an hour and forty minutes away from where I live.  But for the past 5 months I have had to come over about once a week for work purposes.  And after all these months of eyeing this place, I finally decided to visit for lunch.  What was I thinking? Why in the heck didn’t I walk in here before?! 

Christopher’s Kitchen is small very casual, cafe-style restaurant that serves certified organic plant-based cuisine, headed by chef Christopher Slawson, and I did see him during my time there.  As soon as I walked in, I loved the everything about this place; the modern but still cozy decor, the earthy smell, the Kombucha filled fridge, the raw chocolate confections display. 

Sat down on a small table as was immediately greeted, by one of the two girls who were sharing waitress duties, both of them were very friendly, attentive and helpful.  I ordered a refreshing lemon-ginger iced tea and the Asian Noodles: zucchini noodles, cabbage, mango, avocado, red pepper, pea shoots, mixed herbs, sesame seeds, peanuts, spicy ginger dressing.  This dish was perfection, fresher ingredients impossible, super crispy veggies and the dressing was light and tasty, I just wanted to drink what was left in my plate. 

They do make food to order, but I waited no more than 10 minutes.  Is not a cheap place, but I really believe the prices are reasonable given what you are paying for.  I would much rather pay a few extra bucks for better tasting nutritious food, than be cheap and cheat my system.

I also picked up a few goodies.  The sunflower seeds are amazing, they taste just like pistachios, but without the shelling hassle.  I had been wanting to get Goji berries for a while, but now I can’t remember on which recipes I saw them.  I also got some salted caramel chocolate bars, and they taste just how they sound, delicious!! This is not a “commercialized” tasting chocolate, this is made with raw ingredients and the taste is very earthy and not so sweet, I love it!

As you might already know, I am a huge advocate for cleansing, and they do offer a juice cleanse program.  I am really not too interested in trying it as I already use another nutritional cleanse system {with which I am very happy}, but I do love that they offer yet another resource for creating consciousness about the importance of cleansing and nourishing your body.

As much as I enjoyed this place, it makes me sad that there are not more places like this, specially around my area.  This kind of place is {cooking} proof that healthy and nutritious does not necessarily mean bland and untasty.  I love their food and what they stand for:

Our mission is to serve you only the highest quality, certified organic plant based food.

In preparing food, we take an honest approach using techniques and ingredients that maximize real nutritional value for healthful results.

Our passion is providing genuine foods of superior nutritional integrity and delicious taste.

We sincerely appreciate your everyday support of our family owned restaurant.

Your team at Christopher’s Kitchen.

Good news is what I saw on their Instagram feed today:

Looks like they are opening another restaurant!!

I am in no way affiliated with CK, nor was I asked to do this review, I just wanted to share something good with ya’ll.


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