Friday {Five} Faves

So glad this short week was… well… short.  When it comes to faves it could go on for ever, so let’s keep a count. 

{All pics belong to source}

Fave new kitchen gadget.  Most of the time I am good about eating my fruits and veggies on a timely manner before they go bad.  But it does happen that sometimes they go forgotten and it does happen that sometimes they do go ripe way faster than I was expecting.  Enter FreshPaper which keeps fruits & veggies fresh for 2-4 times longer, organically.  The sheets are infused with a patented mixture of organic botanicals, which inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus and enzymes that cause food to break down. They’re also chemical-free and compostable.  Putting in an order today!

Fave unique piece of home decor.  I am in love with these SerpentSea mats made out of recycled marine rope.  I could buy the mat, but then I would need the beach house.


Fave wedding picture… and photography post overall.  Of twin brothers marrying twin sisters.  Beautiful post that brought tears to my eyes and made me smile.

Fave reading space.  A built-in reading cove.  Already scouting for a closet in the house to do something like this.

Favorite outfit.  Shorts season is here.  Loving this outfit, casual but elegant.

Have a fantastic weekend!

PS. Today might be the day we make a very important purchase and I am so super excited.  Hope to be able to tell you about it real soon 😉


9 responses to “Friday {Five} Faves

  1. oh man, you have GREAT taste in all the things you posted! I love every bit of it and that room! And I seriously need something like the fresh paper because In this household, I eat most of the veggies and that doesn’t help in keeping them fresh all the time~hehe

  2. Anything to keep fruit longer, love that idea!

    And when are they making a Lifetime movie out of the twins wedding? Too much, too cute!! And wait till they have twins of their own. Identical, that’s crazy.

    Big purchase — ooh teasing us – can’t wait to hear!

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