Bondiband Review & Giveaway

I have been using Bondibands ever since my first Half-Marathon pre-race Expo where I bought my first ones.  To be honest, the first thing that attracted me to them was the cute little sayings.  They are kind of a big deal for me.  Don’t believe me? Read yesterday’s post.  And ain’t this the truth:

But beyond the sayings Bondiband is just an all-around great product.

What? {Are Bondibands}

Headbands made of a special stretchy breathable fabric, that does not slip.

They are super absorbent.  And no! This is not a Shamwow commercial, this is hubby’s Bondiband after a race and that is a puddle of sweat.  Ewww!  Told ya they were absorbent.

Why? {I love them}

No more sweat dripping down your face.

No “short bangs” all over my face.

No little hairs flying in the air, a.k.a no more  “Doc” look.  You know, as in Doctor Emmett Lathrop Brown from Back to the Future.

Stay in place, do no slip at all.  I lost count of how many headbands I have tried that just won’t stay in place.

They are not tight on your head.  They are made of super soft fabric.

The cute sayings.  Which you can also custom make.

You’ll place top 3 in races if you wear them.  Ok, maybe not.  But you’ll look cool if you do! Or you’ll look cool pretending you did!

How? {You wear}

You can wear them rolled, folded in half or just wide open. Behind or over the ears.

When? {I wear them}


Ridding bike.

Lazy day and I don’t feel like doing my hair.

A day out on the boat.

At the beach or pool.

Practicing Bikram Yoga.  Specially because while in a 100 degree F room, our instructor does not like us wiping our faces throughout a 90 min. class.

Who? {Wears them}

Everyone! For fitness or casual purposes.

Even hubby got on the Bondiband wagon and he loved it.  He would usually wear gel on his hair for running and end up with half of it dripping down his face by the end of the run.  Well no more! Is all in this little piece of special fabric made to absorb.

Where? {To get}

They make lots of appearances at fitness Expos.



To enter giveaway for 1 Bondiband of your choice, do one of all of the following.  Enter a comment for each thing you do, for a maximum of 6 entries.

  1. Like my FB page and share my post of the giveaway on your page or timeline
  2. Like Bondiband FB page
  3. Follow me on Twitter and tweet about giveaway: “#Win a @Bondiband of your choice via @FoodieBeFit blog #giveaway
  4. Follow Bondiband on Twitter
  5. Follow me on Pinterest
  6. Visit their website and tell me which band would you pick if you win

Enter until Sunday May 27th midnight EST.  A winner will be randomly picked on Monday. 


25 responses to “Bondiband Review & Giveaway

  1. I LOVE Bondibands. I have three of them and think that they are the best thing to wear ever. Since I cut my hair off and put insane layers in, I can’t braid it anymore and these bands are the only thing I can use to keep my hair out of my face. They are AWESOME. 🙂

  2. I’d be boring and get the solid black one. It’d replace my favorite cotton drugstore headband and work way better! I might have to follow that one up with buying the pink Aubrey one though. 🙂

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