Slow Is The New Fast

As a fairly new runner, this girl is your average 9-10 minute mile runner, who can count her sub 9 minute long runs with one hand.  I am SLOWly trying to improve my times, but becoming a super FAST runner anytime soon is really not my ultimate goal {as I have come to learn the hard way} Rather, I want to:

Enjoy the {running} moment.  Running is definitely not my bread and butter.  It is what I enjoy doing as part of my wellness plan, and stress would most certainly not fit on a wellness plan. Is my running then completing its purpose if I am stressing about how FAST I am not getting? Not for me.  Is stress enjoyable? Not to me. I want to be able to enjoy what I do when I do it.  Sometimes I will enjoy a FASTer run, but most of the time I will be enjoying my SLOWer ones, one day at a time.

Motivate and be motivated.  After my second half marathon and really bad injury, I realized that trying to get FAST was only going to lead me to dead ends. I took some time to SLOW down, I also decided to start a running group and share the passion with other girls. As they started on their journeys, I SLOWly started on my own process as I recuperated from injury.  I am not a running expert by any means of the imagination, but knowing that there are people out there wanting to give running a try and that all they really need is a little motivation and guidance, I am willing to do my part. Like I have said before: their motivation is my inspiration, not only to keep running but to be better at it.

Enjoy the {running} process.  As I do my best to help the girls on the group with their training, based on my personal experience, my first advice has always been to make sure they take it SLOW, that they take their time to build endurance, to concentrate on a SLOWer steady pace first and then the speed will almost naturally follow.  I will lead by example: I will SLOWly learn to run right.  Whether that means FAST or not, only time will tell.

Share the {running}  love.  With my real love, the one that SLOWly but surely got me into it.  I look back at the time when we didn’t share this mutual interest and can tell you that we have definitely created a stronger bond because of it.  We have become better friends, he admires my patience and dedication, I admire his willingness to run late at night and that he is FAST.

Maintain my injury-free journey.  Is an unreal expectation that things can be done well without acquiring the right skills, that you will get it all right FAST without premeditation.  We all can run, but learning to run right takes TIME.  I want to be able to enjoy running for years to come and if I get ahead of myself too FAST, that might not be the case.  I have to take good care of this body {not in its 20s anymore} and SLOWly adapt it to so that I can achieve longer endurance and FASTer paces without injuring myself.

So that is what “SLOW is the new FAST” means to me. More than a catchy slogan.  A motto.

Giveaway coming up tomorrow on a piece of inspiration for this post 😉


20 responses to “Slow Is The New Fast

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO MUCH!!!! I agree, the secret is to enjoy it! I also want to run for the rest of my life! And enjoying it every minute is the secret for that so desired longevity! (however, I do have to say! For me an average of 9-10 is pretty fast!!!! I remember when I started running again after a few years of no excercise …. And that is a topic for another time… That my pace was like on the 14minutrs per mile…. And it took a few months for me to get under the 10 minute mile.. And I enjoyed every single minute mile above that as well.

    And yes! You are an inspiration! We need to meet!!!! !!!!!!! When!!????

    • Thanks! I would love to hear your story, if you would like to guest post for the blog let me know!
      Yes we do have to meet! Even though I feel like I’ve known you for years already 🙂

  2. Hey, you’re not just doing it – you’re rocking it! And you’ve figured out what most haven’t after years of running, you have to find out why YOU enjoy it. Rather do it slow and right, than fast and miserable. This is awesome – very motivating!!

    • Thanks. Yeah, I quite didn’t get it at first, and actually the thought of being “slow” kept me from giving running a try for quite some time. Today, I am glad to be here.

  3. Love this post Adriana! definately keeps me motivated to keep going no matter how fast or slow… You’ve started a great group and I’m happy to be a part of it.

  4. Great post! I’m fairly new to running as well, and quite slow. I used to be embarrassed to even mention my average time (ok, I still am sometimes!), not because I actually mind being slow but because I thought people would judge and think I must not be a “real” runner if I’m that slow. Truth is, it doesn’t really matter – I run because I love it!

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  6. I started running not to become fast but just to enjoy it and do it for fitness. Running is fun but for races and going fast, I turn to biking. 😛

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