{My Everyday} These R The Things

A weekly update on mostly food, fitness, fashion and family… This is…

The tree I am in love with.  And is my view every morning right before I get into the office, wish I could just stare at it all day instead, but I guess that wouldn’t be very productive.

The current fave lunch spot.  Ate there twice last week.  LAN Asian Pan Bistro at Dadeland Station.

1st round: cucumber roll, salad with an amazing dressing and vegetable noodles.

2nd Round: Korean BBQ rice bowl is sooo good.

What I finally got around to do.  A little late to the party, but I finally made protein overnight oats my way. 

My pre-race fuel.  Not exactly by the book fuel, but oh well.  Raw meat is better than cooked.  Lentils are a good protein/carb balance. Wine… well, lots of antioxidants.



How we really feel after racing.  Like THE CHAMPIONS! Ha!


My post race fuel {part 1}.  A Latin breakfast courtesy of my dear cousin.  Huevos Perico: scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes, arepas: cornmeal patties, chorizo, ham and cheese.  Yum!


My post race fuel {part 2}.  Cookout with Vero to celebrate.  And a celebrations calls for wine and food!


She made a mean tuna ceviche.


My first time pairing tuna ceviche with watermelon.  It was good!!


Cheers! FFFs {Foodie Friends Forever} Yeah, I am just cheesy like that.


For dessert we dipped cookies in this amazing vanilla bean caramel that I got inside my Food With Love box this month. 

It’s made of goat milk and is so fregin good.


The things that made Mother’s Day Amazing.  Flowers, cuddling, getting help in the kitchen, hubby’s requested and thoughtful presents, making pancakes in my new griddle, party of 4 brunch no wait.

My current tea time choice.  This is so good, no sweeteners required and no problem using the bag twice. 


Yet another International food.  On my menu this week.  Peruvian ceviche from El Chalan in 40 St. 


The new outfit I can’t wait to sport.  Skirt and top from Target.  Steve Madden wedges.  Necklace from Mexico.

Tell me what are your things? What’s your favorite not-so-common food pairing? What do you treat yourself to after a race?


6 responses to “{My Everyday} These R The Things

    • Like I said, it wasn’t quite by the books. hehe. But here are my 2 cents on raw meat: When meat (and food in general) is cooked natural occurring enzymes are destroyed. Enzymes greatly aid with digestion thru a process called autolytic digestion. When the body lacks these enzymes, it works harder to digest wasting more energy. Also, heat denatures protein, but that’s a whole other chemical lesson. I mean, there is still a debate out there whether or not raw meat is easier to digest than cooked. But I do feel it sits better on me and the benefits of raw food are many. I should really do a post on this.
      I did have a great mother’s day. Thanks!!

      • Thanks for the info on raw meat. It was enlightening but I don’t think it’s something I’ll be trying on my own any time soon! =) Medium rare is about as uncooked as I go. Heh

  1. OMG on the raw meat…..or rather ground raw meat! Thats big in Chile. I can do carpaccios easily, especially lamb carpaccios (hows next weekend sound, YUM). Where’s the meat from? Glad you enjoyed the Watermelon Tuna Cevechi and not a word on those pesky anchovies! hahaha, until our next foodie & wine night Cheers back and FFF fo shizzle!

    PS. I look forward to finding my magnum & blue steel look too 😉

  2. Wine or beer after a race is a must, so I fully support this!

    There are honestly too many things I like about this post! The sushi, the wine, the RACE! You’re always doing something fantastic – I love it!

    Steve Madden Makes the best shoes and I’m now off to Target for that skirt – you rock.

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