Mahi {I Heart} Tacos

Hey there, hope you are enjoying your weekend.  I will confess I am the biggest blog procrastinator.  Ok, I also procrastinate at signing up for races, like reaaally bad, haven’t gotten to race day registration yet, but I am sure I will be there pretty soon.

Back to post… As I was working on my race recap from today {which won’t be ready for a couple more days}, I came across this post I had started.  Yep more tacos! Haha, I should rename my blog “The Fit Taco” or something like that, looks like they are popular around here.  Well, what can I tell you, I like them.  Why? They are easy to make.  They make an easy balance meal of carbs, protein and veggies. They are another excuse to use hot sauce.  And you get to eat with your hands.  Pretty cool huh? Though you never gave them this much thought.

Ok, so couple of weekends ago {yeah, its been that long} I picked up 2 fresh pieces of Mahi and made some mean fish tacos.  Here is a pretty informal recipe.

  • I sliced some cabbage, green peppers, onions and radish and mixed it with lime, splash of orange juice and chili/lemon powder.

  • Seasoned the Mahi with Chef Paul’s fish seasoning and grilled it.

  • Made my all time fave sauce with sour cream and chipotle.

  • Heat up some refried beans and veggie mix.

  • Put it all together and dasit! {yep, that’s spanglish for that’s it}



Footnote: I really like these sprouted corn tortillas, just make sure to wrap in a damp towel when warming or they’ll dry and break.


Have a great rest of the weekend and early Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there.


One response to “Mahi {I Heart} Tacos

  1. All of that sounds and looks delicious!!!!! So yummy!!!! Will try to make it for me and hubby one of these days!

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