{My Everyday} These R The Things

It is that time of the week for a quick update on things.  Everything. Warning: My brain can get random…

First blog giveaway.  Is up! If you haven’t yet, go and get your entries in to win some Lucy’s cookies, they are gluten free and super delish.

New shoes I’m loving. Boating shoes are in, and even though I was set on getting me a pair of Sperry Top Siders when I tried this on at Aldo I was sold! They are the softest shoes I have ever owned. I even wore them to walk around NYC right out of the store and zero blisters… they are that good.

On the hunt for.  Mint jeans.  Found them the other day, but not in my size 😦  Thinking about pastel yellow too.

Wondering about.  Cute useless things that make people money.  Like these Lil’ Monsters at Whole Foods.  Like my friend says: it can’t be that hard to come up with something that will make us money.

Reaaaally wondering about.  This Recovery Pump stuff, they look really funny and are really expensive.  And it makes me really wonder if this is just another way of people making money out of us consumers. If anyone has tried them I would love to hear.

A mail surprise. Got my first Love with Food box this week. They are a monthly goodie service that send out food samples and with each purchase donate a meal to a hungry child through food banks all accross America. If you want to join email me for a coupon code.  I will update you as to what was inside pretty soon. 

Food truck gone {bad} restaurant. Famous Latin House burger and taco food truck opened up a new restaurant where you can sit to enjoy their food.  Sit is the right word. I understand they are new and all, but hubby and I went for lunch and sat for almost 2 hours to only get some nachos, which were actually pretty good, but left wanting to taste those burgers.  And we got lucky, a lot of people were walking out with no food at all.  Place looks nice, but sadly a successful food truck doesn’t make you a restaurateur.

Food truck gone {great} restaurant.  Happy to report that this one did pass the test.  We decided to avoid the crowds Saturday night and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Mexican lunch on Sunday at The MexZican’s sitdown post by Sunset Place.  It was great.  Enjoyed their fresh salsa and chips, ceviche, amazing traditional tacos and a nopal {cactus plant} salad that was soooo good.  And they make the real deal micheladas.  Thumbs up.  Will definitely be back.

I am in full cleansing mode.   So let’s stop talking about food.  I am a huge fan of Isagenix products and their cleansing system, and I am not a fan because I am a consultant, is more like I am a consultant because I am a fan, I mean these products cured my chronic eczema and have helped many people I know from weight loss to getting off blood pressure meds, etc.  I’ve been meaning to ask permission to share with you some of the amazing stories, hopefully I will soon.  Anyhow, a mini-cleanse consists of 2 days of replacement meal shakes and 1 meal {easy peasy} and 2 days on nothing but Cleanse for Life juice {not as easy}, but it is amazing to see how much easier it has become after a few cleanses under my belt to do this.  Food is seriously overrated, all the body needs is real nutrition.  I still love my food though.  I cannot tell you in words how amazing I feel after a cleanse though.  Oh, yeah and the answer to the good ol’ question: NO I will not be in the bathroom the whole time, this is not that type of cleanse.  You can read more about it HERE.

We race this weekend. At the 11th Annual Lou Gehrig’s Disease 10K Run & 5K Run/Walk.  Will be doing the 10K and my dear friend Vero {HauteFoodies} will be running her first 10K. 

Just another social thing.  Facebook page is up and running.  I like to be-friend people a lot more, but I know there are some that think be-friending someone you don’t know is creepy.  I also heard something to the sense that some people rather use the page to get up to date on the blog’s happenings as they are more familiar with the FB format.  So go LIKE IT! And NO this is not an option:

Keeping accountable.

Th – Don’t remember, but I think I slacked

F – Rest

S – Cinco on Cinco. 5 mile group run

S – Rest

M – 90 mins Bikram Yoga

T – RKS workout # 3

W – Rest

The weekend is almost here! Yay!


8 responses to “{My Everyday} These R The Things

  1. Oh yum, I’ve been dying to try MexZican since it opened – I didn’t even know until recently that it was a food truck before a restaurant. After seeing your pics I might have to make that my Mother’s Day request!

    • yep, some of them even as trucks are sort of over rated… and I also hate when you have to make a 20 min line to get their food, sort of defeats the whole purpose of the truck

  2. Those are some awesome pics! I can’t get over the recovery pump, it’s like from Back to the Future.

    Food Trucks are the new froyo craze to me. Dying to go to Portland and try theirs, mmmm.

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