Some New York Thoughts {In a New York Minute}

As some of you might know I took my daughter on a trip to NYC for her 7th birthday.  She is like this amazing old soul that does not have any interest for toys, but instead shows great interest in books, board games and art.  Her wish was to go visit this amazing City she has seen in movies and books. I don’t talk much parenting around here, but let me tell you I was a little surprised at the response I got from some people as I shared my plans of taking her on a getaway, the “isn’t she too young?”, the “how spoiled!” and the confused looks were in fact some of the responses. I am not here to defend myself, don’t see that is even called for.  However, I would have liked to explain everyone that we weren’t taking her just because she asked us to, maybe a big explanation isn’t required, simple thoughts can do:

I would never spoil my daughter to the point of giving her undeserving things, BUT I will always support her in her dreams and ambitions. 

I am not here to be her best friend, BUT I do want her to see me as her friend and remember family moments as fun times.

I might not have control about what she is curious about, BUT I will help foster her curiosity for those things that open doors to positive knowledge.

I could let her do whatever she pleased or not let her do anything at all, BUT I rather guide her on her choices.

I probably don’t know everything about parenting, BUT I know that happier memories make for a happier life.

So now I leave you with the more interesting part of the post… A little recap of our trip, Instagram style due to the latest setback around here.

P.S. I would like to thank Michele from NYC Running Mama who sent me some great recommendations for running and eating around the City, she is such a sweetheart.  Also, Hilary from Red Headed Ink who was my foodie pen pal last month and who also sent some great recommendations.

Took off Friday morning.  Scary flight, that had us shaking like that slushy maker they advertise on TV.  Seriously, poor girly was to the point of crying.


Taxi ride to our hotel.


Our hotel was like 2 blocks from Times Square, so after checking in we wasted no time and headed that way.


But before we could think about anything else, our bellies needed some re-fuel, a couple more blocks up we found the famous Shake Shack thanks to Urbanspoon app.  Line of course was out the door but not too long.  Burgers and shakes were actually pretty good, a little small {or maybe I was too hungry} but my fave thing was the fresh sweet bun.20120501-211150.jpg

Then we went back to Times Square to visit the Toys R Us store.  Were we rode the ferris wheel, visited the huge Barbie house, etc.  My daughter’s purchase: A Jr. Pictionary.  Can you say nerd in the works? Love her!


Talking about nerds…


Then we headed to the Public Library by Bryant Park.  She had read about it and the big lions and was really looking forward to it.  Ok, maybe she already IS a nerd 😉

While in there all I could think about was getting married there… Yeah, Sex And The City style, but with the wedding actually happening.


A little walk down Fifth Avenue.   Or more like power walking or you’ll get ran over.


And then there was the chocolate…


And more chocolate…


We did have dinner at Carmine’s, but I was too tired and hungry to take pics.

Saturday morning, awesomeness happened… I went for a run on Central Park, and it was quite amazing.  Specially running in 40s temperatures which just doesn’t happen very often ever happen around here.


After that start to the day I was ready for anything!

Our subway days got started.

First stop Union Square Fresh Market.

Enjoyed the smells…


The tastes…


The sights…


Continued on our way to Brooklyn.

Where we walked.  A lot.

 We also made a 45 min line for pizza.  What was I thinking?  Well, I was really hungry and I guess it comes with the territory because of its history and popularity.  Pics for the pizza are in my camera, it was good but not sure “45 min line” good.


And more chocolate.  From Jaques Torres.  OMG the passion fruit truffles! To die for!


Then walked the bridge back to Manhattan.

Headed to the American Girl place in Fifth Ave.   Where she matched herself with a #57 girl as I wondered: when the heck did dolls become this expensive!?!


Finished our Saturday with the Broadway musical.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.  Brought so many childhood memories, I used to watch this movie several times a week, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious does sound different in Spanish.

Sunday.  We totally overslept.  Ops!

Once we left the hotel headed straight for the food.

With a stop at the 911 Memorial on our way to Tribecca.


 Then there was Sarabeth’s brunch.

And now I leave you with some exquisite food.


Pumpkin muffin.


Salmon Benedict eggs.


Almond crusted french toast.  So DIYing this one soon.


Then it was the Central Park zoo.   The mini zoo.  Where we fell in love with the penguins.


They were so playful.



But couldn’t help to feel a little bad for them.


Sprinkles cupcakes for afternoon snack.  So good!  Not the best cake, but the best cream cheese frosting.


Then passed by the Flat Iron Building.  And to the most amazing marketplace ever: Eataly!!

This place is beyond any foodie’s dreams.  A huge Italian/European market. 


They have different eateries {seafood, pasta/pizza, vegetables, meat} within the market so we sat at the vegetables one.

Had caponata for appetizer.  Yep, trying to re-create this one soon too. Almost looks like steak tartare and believe or not, almost tasted like it too.  Almost.


Then had a potato cake, which I wished would have had more veggies, with grilled zucchini.  Yum!


And hey! No judgement in New York.  At least not of parenting choices. Hehe!

So, what has been your favorite weekend getaway? Do your kids like travel adventures?


8 responses to “Some New York Thoughts {In a New York Minute}

  1. BEST MOM EVER! What an amazing weekend, wow – how beautiful. Looks like you soaked up everything.

    I still remember when my mom took me to NYC when I was little. She’ll remember this forever!

    I will definitely be taking my kids everywhere – I believe travel is the best investment.

  2. How fun! You know, my parents used to take me on vacations for my birthday, and I don’t think I’m particularly ruined for it. Plus, what an awesome learning experience! New York food is amazing!

  3. We have done vacations on the Birthdays many times and they have been some of the favorites. I love your trip looked like many happy memories were made.

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