Mother’s Day Gift Ideas {Hint, Hint}

Even though I am sure many of you have your gifts ready to go because none of us are procrastinators, though maybe some of you might want to shop for an extra gift.  If you are short on time, a lot of my options are from Amazon and they ship even next day, so go ahead and shop away.  So here some humble picks a mom {like me} would appreciate:

Chamba Clay Soup Pot.  I just love the earthy look of this Colombian clay pot, totally inspires to whip up some soups and stews.

One Hope Wine.  A win/win situation.  She gets a gift, and gives one. OneHope wine donates a portion of your purchase to partners non-profit organizations.  Raise a glass as you join the fight against AIDS, breast cancer and autism.  They also have a wine club thingy going on.

Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle. What I really want is a built Tepanyaki style griddle, but that ain’t happening any time soon.  In the mean time, this would totally do.  Dreaming of how many protein pancakes I can fit in there.

RSVP Herb Scissors – I always chop herbs with scissors I have found it to be the easiest for me, now a couple of extra blades could surely help.

Bodum Double-Wall Thermal Plastic Travel Coffee and Tea Press with Bonus Tumbler Lid. Thankfully I wouldn’t have to use this for coffee as hubby makes the best expresso for me every. single. day.  Anyhow, I much prefer loose leaf tea and I could totally use to prepare tea at the office.


Yedi Houseware Tea for One. Help her log in more “me” time with this super cute tea set that includes kettle to make tea and cup.

 Romero Britto Cat Tea for One Teapot Cup .  Or go for a more fun tea time option with this Romero Britto set.  Even if they are not tea drinkers, I think they would really appreciate this artsy option.

So. Hope that helps, if you needed it. 

Have you done your mother’s day shopping? And if you are a mom what are you hoping to get?


2 responses to “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas {Hint, Hint}

  1. OK I’ve never seen herb scissors, how smart! And that coffee/tea tumbler is boss. My hus uses his all the time, I always try to steal it. A must-have!

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