Weekend Quicks & Pics {A Birthday Party}

Another weekend came and went… Here are the quicks and pics about ours…

Friday, finally got a bid approved on Priceline for our NYC hotel.

Scored! Saved about $100 per night and the hotel is ranked #66 out of 439 in TripAdvisor. 

Bidding in Priceline IS a good deal BUT you have to know what you are doing so you don’t end up with a bad experience.


Saturday morning, we raced in the rain.

Then raced back to the home, for dear daughter birthday party.

She turned 7 last week and we are doing an all-girls trip to NYC this weekend as her gift.

Saturday afternoon, we did a little party for her so she could celebrate with family and friends.

NYC themed of course.

Rain was not giving up.

But neither were we.

The party must go on.

And we are serving hot dogs.

We had an awesome time with friends and family!

Sunday morning, hubby’s perfect coffee with spinach and egg pie from my dear friend Vero {HauteFoodies}.

I not only got a piece of the pie, I got a whole pie.


Church and then family lunch at the marina.

Who will be in NYC next weekend?

These girls…


And who is that hot GQ model?


We started outside.


But ended up inside because the rain came back.

But who cares when this is at hand?


And this {Swordfish in lime/caper/cilantro sauce}


And this {Blackened Mahi-Mahi tacos}


And this {Florida key lime pie}

Is there anything better than graham crust? Yum!

Family time bliss!


Sunday afternoon, sky finally cleared.

Kids went for a ride.

Hope your weekend was joyful like ours!

Do you have traveling memories as a kid?

For me, those are some of the most vivid ones.


5 responses to “Weekend Quicks & Pics {A Birthday Party}

    • Thanks! We had a great time indeed and the party still going!! Hehe Yes! Been a non-stop April can’t wait for summer to be here, then the weeekends will mostly consist of just laying at the beach 🙂

    • I just found your comments on my spam :s … We had an awesome time in NY, hope I can get to posting about it soon… You are in Chicago! I might go do a half marathon over there in July. I will be asking you for some advice 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

      • Sounds good 🙂 & that’s so weird that random comments end up in spam folder. Same thing happens here – i will get random real people comments in spam. Good thing we both check the spam 😛

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