Asian Noodle Slaw

Even though I don’t share every single creation, I thought this one was worthy.  Made this last night and was absolutely quick, easy, healthy and delish.  I prefer to eat cold food after working out/running, and of course it has to be quick, so I either have cereal with almond milk, make a really cold shake or whip up a salad.

First time I use Tofu noodles in a recipe and was quite happy with the result.  They are gluten-free and vegan.  Now, don’t be discouraged by the smell when you first open the package and prepare per the instructions, including rinsing before putting into boiling water.

I mixed the broccoli slaw with the Honey Ginger dressing and peanuts while the noodles where boiling.  After noodles were done, I rinsed in cold water chopped a little and mixed with slaw.  This will taste better if you let marinate for a little, 15 mins will do. 


Optionally serve with chopped chives. 

The mix of the slaw and peanuts crunchiness nicely complemented with the soft noodles… And oh so refreshing…


Do you have a preference about eating hot or cold foods after working out?


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