Sorry But My Heart Still Belongs To…

… or should I say “my feet”… um no, that sounds ugly… back to the post…

… Nike Frees. Yes, I did give others a chance, I did felt into the unnecessary support {in my case} trap, but things always go back to the way they are supposed to be. And these guys and I are meant to be.


Specially after some coupon action.


Yes, I’ll probably keep signing up for races so that I can keep getting 20% coupons AND $25 off purchase of $100. Yes Sports Authority! I will be back to keep giving you my hard-earned money.

I will soon be writing more in detail about my running shoes experiences for the past 9 months, but all I can tell you now {and maybe only runners can relate} is that there is no better feeling than finding “those shoes” that just feel right and {most importantly} that make your legs feel right. Ok, enough lovey dovey action… I should really be getting paid for this, because for the record: I am not getting paid for this in any way, shape or form. I genuinely like the shoes.

I would love to hear about your {running} shoes love.


13 responses to “Sorry But My Heart Still Belongs To…

  1. I am excited to hear that you love these shoes! I am in the market for some new ones and appreciate the feedback. I’m currently running in Nike’s, but they need an update. Happy running!

  2. I am glad you have found shoes that fit, as the saying goes. Finding the right pair of running shoes is so crucial to your run and the health of your feet, joints and overall experience. Shoes can definitely make you love running or hate it. So if it works for you, go for it and run strong run long and hard.

  3. I’m glad u found them! Wait r these different then the ones u had last week? I’m looking for a new pair. Right now I have the Asics which are alright but it seems like i have to pay attention to the size. I’ll let u know what I end up with. 🙂

    • Actually the ones I had found on sale where “training” shoes, but they have a very similar feel so I am going to keep them for shorter week day runs, when I saw and tried these at the store I could not resist. I tried Asics and did not like the “gelish” cushioning feeling, but let me tell you that if you haven’t had any injury problems you should stay close to what you have, that was the driver for me, everything else beyond the Frees seemed to cause me pain in one way or another. Good luck on the hunt and call me if you need me 😉

    • Actually I bought a pair of In Season TR because they were super reduced thinking they were running and have done some runs in them with no problem, so if you have some that are similar you could try running in them to know more or less what to expect from the Free running. Good luck!

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