These R The {Fitness} Things

Ok, so it looks like it has been too much about the food ’round here and even though my workouts have slowed down {a little} lately, I certainly don’t want you to think I am totally slacking. Thought it was time for a little update on fitness things.

Back to FREE – Back to where it all started.  After 3 failed attempts with other shoes, I am back running in my Nike Frees and guess what? I’ve been totally injury free! I think support free {or minimum} is the route for me, I will definitely be writing soon about my running shoes adventures and lessons learned.

The old pair is looking a little beat up, gotta get me some new ones soon!

The Family Workout – Ever since daylight time savings started, I love that there is still time to enjoy the “day” after I get home from work. Been taking advantage of the daylight and awesome weather to fit in an afternoon run with the kids while they ride their bikes. Is all about parents making FIT work, one way or another.

Fun Runs With FriendsOur group is still going strong, meeting up every Saturday morning. I mean, some have been in and out, but the ones that stuck to the program are doing amazing, they could not run a mile straight just 2 months ago are now rocking 3-4 miles straight. Groups are great for accountability and definitely make it more fun!

New Fave Sports Bra – I am loving these Champion C9 bras from Target. I had always dreaded the traditional racerback sport bra because of the pressure it puts on my shoulders, but the thin straps on these I cannot even feel and you {they} still get awesome support. Plus they don’t interfere with the look of my tank tops. Plus the colors options are many and cool. Plus the material is super light and comfy. Plus you can’t go wrong with the price.

New Milestone in Bikram Yoga – I am now completing my 90 mins classes in a 100 degree F. room without water. My instructor really recommends this, he says as soon as you drink water you start a digestion process and this waists extra energy and might “distract” the body while in its inner healing process. And how I was able to tought it up was drinking this magic potion about 30 mins before class.

New “Tone It Up” Tool – I ordered me the Kettlebell RKS system a couple of weeks ago in hopes to integrate a little weight training into my busy life. I am really liking it so far, specially the at-home convenience, and will write a complete review on it soon.

Tone It Up With {Hot} Girls – So these girls are like all over the blogging world with their 8-week bikini challenge. I’ve read really good reviews about their workouts which are conveniently email to you daily once you sign up. Not sure if the workouts are home-doable or not, I have way to much going on to commit to them now, but thought I would share in case anyone out there was in need of workout options. 

We Race This Weekend! – Is just a little 5K but a new route that I have never ran before and a couple of good friends are joining us.

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