“Almost Guiltless” Cardamom Chocolate Mousse

My dear friend Veronica {HauteFoodies} who knows how much I looove dark chocolate and spicy things gave me these chocolate rounds that she had gotten at The Fresh Market but were a little too spicy for her taste. Well, they have been sitting in my pantry since, they are good by themselves but I wanted more out of them.

In the process of planning our Easter Brunch, came across Martha Stewart’s Tofu Chocolate Mousse recipe and the {chocolate} light bulb went on. Modified her recipe a little and this is how this healthier chocolate mousse {with a kick} was born. Now, I would recommend you don’t share your ingredients with the health skeptics until they try it, we all know how some people get spooked by the word “tofu” bwahahaha.

Gather it:

1 12 oz package silken tofu
3/4 cup cardamom allspice dark chocolate rounds {or replace with chocolate of your choice}
2 oz bittersweet or dark chocolate {I use Ghirardelli}
1/4 cup confectioners sugar
1/4 cup boiling water

Make it Vegan! Just use vegan chocolate option like: Trader’s Joe or Whole Foods brand chocolate chips, Newman’s Own chocolate bars, Green and Blacks organic chocolate, Equal Exchange organic chocolate bars, Fanny May’s dark 70% chocolate bars, Endagered Species most of their dark chocolates, etc.

Prep it:

Bring 1/4 cup of water to a boil, add chocolate pieces and remove from heat, stir until chocolate is completely melted. Soften tofu in a food processor and add melted chocolate and confectioners sugar. Mix. Pour into serving ramekins/cups of your choice. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

Serve it:

Cold. Optionally, serve with cookie crumbs of your choice.

Enjoy it!


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