“A Good Run” Project {I Am In}

Came across Steve Good and his blog: A Good Run trough Tracie’s blog {who BTW just ran the Boston Marathon yesterday}, there I learned about his experience of running 65 miles in 8 days across 8 states, and also about a super cool running project to spotlight runners and a running route from their Cities from all across the United States.  Per his blog:

The run must have between five and ten stops along the route.  I don’t care how long or short the run is. At each stop, you must capture a picture of the landmark and in the process thank somebody with a thank you sign.  You must write about why you stopped where you stopped and why you thanked who you thanked. I would recommend that you bring a running buddy along to take your pictures. It is also encouraged to incorporate a good restaurant in that city, either during or after the run.

You must donate to your favorite cause prior to the run. I will take your word for it. Within your post, you’ll have the opportunity to write about your cause.

You must submit a picture of your route to be included in the post.  This can be done with MapMyRun, RunKeeper, Nike + or Google Maps.  We want other people to be able to run your route!

I am in!  I am super excited about showcasing an awesome running route through this beautiful City and some good food… but most importantly, I am looking forward to taking the time to slow down to thank others and give back!

You can read all about it and hopefully sign yourself and your City up HERE: Join Us – Select A Day To Run Your City.


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