Easter Weekend Recap In {Mostly} Pictures

Friday, even though was my day off, worked in the morning; yeah I usually fail at vacation days #nerd.  Anyhow, I managed to finally disconnect and went for a much delayed Ikea trip.  I was so mad, half of the marketplace was closed due to renovations, but I am sure it was for the better {$}.  Picked these lovely pillows though.


And this shelving unit for a little project which I will update you on when completed.

Saturday morning given that many of my regular runners were either out of town or out of commission, I had to cancel our Saturday morning run #fail. But is ok we have BIG plans for next Saturday.

I dragged these little monsters around with me on Saturday as we shopped for Easter brunch… they did pretty good and definitely managed to keep me entertained.

We decided to avoid the Easter Sunday morning crowds and went to church Saturday night.  Love their “eggvited” Easter campaign.

Then it was off to a night in cooking and prepping for brunch, in good company.


Easter Sunday weather was beautiful and brunch-perfect.

While finishing the set up and given all of the food that was coming up, I had my new favorite Isagenix vanilla shake combination: carrot/banana.

And then it was time for the fam…

The fun…

and the food…

Mimosas and passion fruit mojitos


Smoked salmon dip, kibes, gazpacho and maple bacon stick {that were gone in like 5 mins}


Pesto & sun-dried tomatoes pasta, “faked out” 3 cheese and egg souffles {very popular} and rosemary chicken sausages with balsamic onions and peppers


Yumminess in my plate 🙂


 Lemon curry cake from Sweetness Bakeshop

Tropical fruit cups with coconut and condensed milks


Cardamom dark chocolate “guilt-free” mousse {recipe coming soon}


And could not end the day better than with hubby’s cafecito



4 responses to “Easter Weekend Recap In {Mostly} Pictures

  1. YUMMY!! That cake looks adorable–and I cannot wait for the mousse recipe–YUMMMMM!

    I also totally fail at taking vacation days–I am just such a “task-oriented” person. I HAVE to be productive! 🙂 Love those pillow from Ikea!

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