The Dome Restaurant.Bar.Lounge & DIY Russian

Hello my foodie friends! and happy Friday! Many of you are prolly at Happy Hour right now, enjoy! I am getting ready for date night with hubby and finishing up this post that is a little past due.

Couple of weeks ago we visited The Dome in Coral Gables Miracle Mile.  Self-proclaimed environmentally friendly LEED certified building, local farm to table ingredients and unique flavors with a Latin twist.

Had reservations but we were a little late  {yes, we are always late}, place was packed when we got there around 9:15 pm.  The place is small, tiny, but that has its charm.  While we waited for our table stand by the bar {by, not at, because it was packed}, here is where the small part didn’t come in handy as we had to move around a couple of times for waiters to get by.  Bartenders were very attentive and whipped up our drinks right away, but not just any drink, The Miami Heat {Corzo, Mandarine Napoléon, passion fruit puree, Thai pepper syrup, blood orange, agave syrup, and a dash of orange bitters} which was ah-mah-zing…

So much that I exceeded my usual 1 cocktail by 2! 3 in total and 1 on the house, the very Owner of the place Rachel Dominguez noticed our table was taking a little long and came to apologize and offer us a drink on the house, that was nice.

So when we finally sat down, after 3 cocktails, I was ready for some foood!!! So we started browsing the super cool iPad menus.

Complementary tostones {they could have been a little crunchier} with “mojo” were real good.

So the place is known for their caviar bar, but we are not connoisseurs, so we skip the delicatessen by itself and ordered the Smoked Salmon Rolls: delicate crepes filled with smoked Nova Scotia smoked salmon, served with a homemade crème fráiche and topped with caviar.

Wedge salad: A wedge of fresh iceberg lettuce with applewood smoked bacon, crumbled eggs, grape tomatoes, and served with a blue cheese dressing.

Sweet Lobster Bisque: creamy lobster bisque served with fresh lobster meat and a touch of brandy.  This is definitely one of THE bests I have ever had, not too creamy, not too soupy and the Brandy was just the perfect way to give it sweetness. Yum!

Hubby had to have the Dome Burger Slidders: Three bbq-infused mini cheeseburgers topped with white cheddar, arugula, tomatoes, grilled onions, and served with a homemade spicy mayonnaise.  I was not into the idea too much at the beginning, but boy am I glad he didn’t listen to me {this time}, they were delish, the flavor of the beef was very unique, found out their beef comes all the way from Chicago which confused me a little about the whole sustainable local concept, BUT it was well worth the taste!

Shared Chef Marsha’s Signature Braised Beef Short Ribs: beef short ribs braised and served with a shrimp confit of wild mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, and a red wine reduction. {Sorry about bad pic} Super soft right off-the-bone meat, sauce was perfect.

With seasoned truffled fries.  Crispy, tasty, good.

For dessert we went with the Caribbean Chocolate Rum Ganache Cake: moist chocolate cake with rum-flavored chocolate ganache served with raspberry sauce.  Only problem is it wasn’t really moist, rich taste chocolate flavor but a little dry.

We felt welcomed, enjoyed the “cozy” friendly buzzing environment, The Miami Heat and the awesome food.  Definitely coming back!

The DIY foodie feature this week was inspired by the essence of this restaurant, since the owner of The Dome {Rachel Dominguez} is of  Cuban-Russian heritage… Check out fellow blogger Anastasia’s {love that name} Russian Friday, this week looks specially delish and even though I am horrible with dough I think I might take the plunge and try this Kulebyaka recipe.

Enjoy {real} food. Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Really love your writing – just consumed the whole post in a second. The Miami Heat sounds deeeelish! I am really craving a trip to FL now…

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