I Wonder Why…

… Is it that after all these years of cardio, and given that I am a long distance runner, going up 5 flights of stairs leaves me breathless?  Glad to report, after a 5 flights of stairs today, still no pain  {Not on purpose, elevator was broken}


… If I have been missing running so much, why has been so difficult to get back into it? I know a month is a long time and bad habits can start to creep up; but I should be super excited to get out the door and just take off, but I am not.  I’m sort of dragging. What’s wrong with me?

… Am I still paying for a gym membership? I rarely go there anymore, I am either running outside, biking with the family, doing a quick workout from a fellow blogger in between bath time and dinner, and soon will be getting busy with my kettlebell system.  So yes, I am dropping my membership, only thing I will miss: spinning classes {a lot} and the dreadmill {a little}.  Is not like my gym looks like a David Burton’s Gym or anything, so I think I’ll be just fine.

… Did it take me so long to start Bikram Yoga? Starting to believe that thanks to it I am completely healed.  Yoga twice a week is now part of my “running injury-free” journey.  Another reason to drop the gym.

… Can I call myself an athlete? Well just read this “Can You Call Yourself an Athlete?”

Lastly… wondering if any of you out there has had to take a “break” and how hard was it to get back into the game?

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