Their Motivation My Inspiration

Yesterday I ran jogged for the first time in a month after being out of commission because of calf and shin injuries, and I am happy to report that it went very well. It was also the first Saturday fun run for the 5K challenge group.

Their motivation to become runners.  My inspiration to become a better runner.

The beginning of their fitter journey.  The beginning of my “injury-free” journey.

For those who do not know, I got injured due to “reckless” running… Yes, running 10 miles at my fastest pace after a 2 week hiatus, really was not a good idea.  As I continue to heal, I can only hope to never have to endure not being able to run again; and move on as I coach ALL of us with a stronger base lessons learned…

There is a time to rest {but never let it take over}

There is a time to train {but always follow a structured plan}

There is a time to run faster {but always know your limits}

There is a time take on a longer distance {but you must take on the shorter one first}

There is a time for coffee break {perfect after a successful morning workout}

Thank you girls for being there!


8 responses to “Their Motivation My Inspiration

  1. Glad your first run back went well and it looks like y’all had a fun time! And I totally agree about the coffee break – perfect after a good workout. =) Good luck with the group and with your recovery!!

  2. LOVE this! I think it is so important to remember the “seasons” of being a runner–sometimes our bodies need to rest, but there is always another great run in the future!! I hope you calk feel SO much better!

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