Farmers Market Perfection

Every Saturday in Coconut Grove {the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood of Miami} my favorite farmers’ market takes place. Organized by one of the few organic farms in the Miami area Glaser Organic Farms.

But under this tent, there is a lot more to discover than fresh produce.

The produce is mostly organic, but there is some conventional too. Conventionally “grown” that is because they do have some fruits and vegetables that you won’t find in your conventional market, like tamarind, guanabana {soursop?}, nopal {which I’m hoping to cook with soon}, lots of different baby greens, etc.

Nope, the arugula I guy at the supermarket does not look like this…

So you find produce in all farmers’ markets, but what makes this one so extra special are their grains, dried fruits, spices, seeds, nuts…

AND their organic/raw prepared foods…

All kind of different nut butters, olives and honeys

Sprouted hummus



Dressings and sauces

Slaws, sauerkraut, Kim Chi


Juices and teas

And much more, I just wasn’t going to make myself look “too” crazy taking pics of all of it.. brownies, desserts, etc.

After my shopping and paying at this adorable setup…

… We ate lunch: seaweed salad, asparagus and red onion salad, mushrooms stuffed with herbs pâté and tomatoes stuffed with almond pâté {ah-mah-zing}

we also ordered a nori curry mango roll

and a “pizza” that def didn’t look like the one I had the night before. I’m a pizza lover and calling this a pizza is just not right, it was good, it was real good but it just wasn’t pizza.

Some refreshing juice.

And for dessert organic/raw ice cream, which was actually pretty good and even the kids enjoyed.


The Glaser Farm is actually closer to my house than the market, but they are not open to the public, they do take orders which you can pick up. The market takes place every Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm, and even though it can get a little crowded {and pricey} it is sooo worth the visit.

Do you shop at any farmer’s market? What products do you find there that you don’t find anywhere else?


3 responses to “Farmers Market Perfection

  1. Oh how I love Farmer’s Markets! We only have them during a few months of the summer here in CO because it gets too cold, but I ONLY purchase roasted green chiles and other goods from the farmers market. Cannot be beat.

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