Healthier {Yummier} Nutella Substitute Found!

I hate to be a sell out because I have been a Nutella fan for far too long. Many years of eating this chocolate spread and many childhood memories. But this substitution is well justified and necessary. The time has come to move on into newer and better things, for me and the whole family. I give you {or better said: Justin gave us} JUNTIN’S CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT BUTTER.


I literally grabbed the last jar from Whole Foods Market shelf and I’m already getting all kind of ideas to eat it with: fruit, shakes, cookies, oats, crepes, etc… I’m in awe with the taste, is so much more concentrated on the hazelnut rather than in the chocolate {wondering if Nutella even tasted like hazelnut at all}. Foods like this further prove my point that healthier eating really doesn’t mean “blah” foods. Even though with this one it will be tough to remember that all things in moderation is still key {I could totally devour the whole jar at once}… One or Two scoops Adri, only one or two scoops.


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