ING Miami 1/2 Marathon – Team FDC Experience

Friday finally! And some time to type and tell y’all about my ING Miami race. Wanna know what took me so long? Well, let’s just say this is just one of my current four projects.

A little pre: My training for what was going to be my first 1/2 marathon started about 5 months ago, I ended up doing the RnR Miami Beach in December, so this was my second 1/2, but my first one with hubby and friends. Part of my training were our long runs on Saturdays with Team FDC, they were a great support, I can honestly tell you they played a big role on me sticking to this running thing. Our meet ups were on Saturday early mornings at a Coconut Grove park, from there they would have different training groups: the walkers, the 3:1, the 5:1, the 7:1 and the straight runners. And after the training, there were always refreshments waiting for us at the park, either donated by the members or brought in by sponsors. The group just keep growing every weekend and ended up with like a 250 head count.  The concept of all these people coming together to support each other on this healthier living journey we all share is so amazing to me. And that this one person would do all this work to make it happen, more amazing. Hopefully I will be able to tell you more about Ralph {the founder} in the future, I really don’t know him that well. But I thank him! and all the people who make it happen.


So the day before, we went to the expo to fight the crowds.


And got a cute pic. That we didn’t have to pay for. Can you believe it?


Went to an early dinner, I had fish and pasta, we were done by 8 pm and straight to bed, but not much sleeping… See, I am still getting used to this racing thing, and the nerves still get the best of me, and just like the night before my first race, I did not sleep well. Woke up about 5 times during the night I guess thinking that we were going to oversleep.  But we didn’t. At 3:45 am right with the alarm I was up and ready. Fueled on a banana with peanut butter and my Isagenix cocktail {Ionix Supreme and WME} in 8 oz of water. Pain was still there, so I took 3 Advils and embalmed my injured leg on Perform Gel. There was no backing up now.

There was a little of traffic, but we made it on time.  Dropped our stuff at the Team FDC tent {guarded by cops and all!}. Took some pics with the photographers and went to my corral… Moooo {sorry, I just can’t help it every time I say that word}. Hehe. I was all by myself, because the boys were up ahead, but I did found a couple of girls that came from out of state for the race, to withstand our non-runner friendly conditions of about 90% humidity.

The race went as expected due to my injury. Slower than my first Half Marathon by about 5 mins. Pain was there from the very beginning, but I do think that the compression socks helped out the situation a lot. By mile 4 I was warmed up and pain subsided a little. But by mile 8 it was back and I just battled thru it all the way to the end.

This course {and even more the Marathon one} was a real highlight of some of Miami’s most famous spots, a real tourist experience, the scenery was amazing with lots of waterside running.  Starting in downtown at the American Airlines Arena.  Going thru the McArthur Causeway {where you see all the cruise ships parked at the port.  Continuing to Miami Beach and running thru Ocean Drive.  Then into the Venetian Causeway for more water views.  Then finishing back into downtown coming in thru all the buildings that make up the Miami skyline.

The 10th year anniversary medal is pretty cool, love the skyline on it and the list key words in the back that include the neighborhoods we ran for and some “arroz con frijoles” {rice and beans} as well… Being a Miami girl at heart, I really like it.


They also went all out with this innovation: the water pouch. 

And of course, there was Team FDC’s after party, Miami style.  They had a huge tent with a fenced seating area. $20 if you can find me {JK about the $}.


They really went all out, there had free massages courtesy of Body Remedy Miami.  Yes! I got mine and I will definitely go back to keep treating my injury.


There was sooo much food, pizza hot off the oven and cold beer, ice cream, pastelitos, cupcakes…



Had a blast! Can’t wait for next year’s training with Team FDC and do it all over again! Maybe I will go all the way next year… just maybe.

Do you train individually or with a team? And what do you enjoy more?


2 responses to “ING Miami 1/2 Marathon – Team FDC Experience

  1. This is a race I want to do eventually, though I am worried about the 90% humidity part! (I live in the desert). Congratulations on finishing despite your injury! I’ve never trained with a team, but your perks look mighty nice!

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