82GO Water in a Pouch

Pic from their website

During the ING Miami Marathon and 1/2 Marathon last Sunday.  This was the innovation.  Water was given out in pouches instead of cups.

I personally love the concept.  Actually, when I did the 10K in Mexico City in December they gave something like this, and from that moment I thought it was a great concept, and was wondering why it wasn’t being done in the US yet.  Well, I guess they brought them to the ING just for me. Hehe.  I like that I don’t have to slow down too much to drink the water because I don’t have to worry about spilling it all over me.  But if you do want water all over you, you can still squeeze it all over you.  Not only did I not need to slow down, but I didn’t have to gulp it down in a hurry to keep going, I was actually able to run at a fast pace with the water in my hand and drink as much as I wanted when I wanted.  I can also see the convenience of being able to attach these to a fuel belt and be more comfortable than bottles.

The water does have a little bit of a plastic after taste, but when racing that is not my main worry.  I also wasn’t crazy at the “throw and catch” concept, but I think it is because there was just too many people in this race for that; it was hard to figure out who it was going to and the space to move around and make the catch was limited. With fewer people and more space I could see it working better.

Around here the concept seems to be catching on.  What do you think? Do you like the concept or woud rather stick to the cups?


6 responses to “82GO Water in a Pouch

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  2. Nice! I’ve never seen this, but would definitely prefer it over the cups… wish there was a way to avoid all the waste though… either option creates a lot of trash!

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