Cibo Wine Bar

With the kids at grandma’s house, hubby and I went for a date Saturday night to Cibo Wine Bar, which recently opened a couple of months ago in Coral Gables’ Miracle Mile. Due to our “cheat lunch“, we were determined to just go for some wine and maybe an appetizer or two.  Well, it didn’t go quite go as planned…

We got there like at 9:30 pm and the place was packed, we were greeted by Luca who was very nice and found us {at our request} a high-top very quickly.  We were seated right next to their glass enclosed cellar, which was a nice touch.

Started with cocktails, the Bella Donna which was a Prosecco based cocktail, wish I could remember what else it had or taken a pic, but I was so eager for that drink, I wasn’t paying much attention, all I know is that it wasn’t too sweet, crisp and just the perfect starter.

As we sipped our cocktail, we went through the wine list and were pleasantly surprised at the exclusive selection, also surprised by the prices {on the expensive side}, but we were already there, the romantic setting was perfect and to make our {rarely occurring} date night more special, we decided to splurge.

Our pick was #714, a Joseph Phelps 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon.  They did have a lot of 1997 bottles, and later learned from the “flying” sommelier that 1997 was a really good year in the Napa valleys.  Oh yeah, this is why I call her the “flying” sommelier, they have this cool system inside their glass enclosed cellar where the sommelier girl flies up and down, back and forth looking for wine bottles.  This is her getting our bottle:


She then brought it to our table, due to it being a vintage bottle, the cork broke as expected and so she filtered it as she poured it in the decanter.

This is probably the oldest wine I have ever drank.  It was an experience, first glass the aged grape taste was very strong and after that I could taste the spices coming to life and the flavors changing as the wine aerated.   So with this wine masterpiece now in our table


we just had to enjoy some good food pairings…


Tuna Carpaccio


Arugula & Radicchio Salad


Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms

For dessert, really missed the chocolate cake, which they were out of, but enjoyed some hazelnut gelato made in-house.


For us wine aficionados, the wine list is definitely a “treat”, but would have also liked to see a little bit larger selection of mid-priced wines.  The wines are expensive, but the food is really not.  The decor is beautiful, and even though the place can get a little bit loud at times, the atmosphere is romantic and enjoyable.  The managers Luca and Salvatore were great! Very friendly and attentive, as well as our server Jose.  And I {Mrs. Analyzer} also think that the wait staff could use a more “formal” attire than those blue t-shirts, they kind of don’t go with the restaurant’s elegant decor.

Will be coming back for the personalized attention, finest grape juice and yummy foods. {Oh yeah, and that chocolate cake they were out of}

Are you a wine drinker? What kind do you like? Do you have a memorable bottle?


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