Ending the Year with a “Party”

I might be a little late writting about the end of 2011, but it has been the talk of the week, the repetitive conversation: how was your trip? how did you spend New Year’s Eve? And my usual response: It was fun, we ate a lot, race went good; and New Year’s Eve was very low key, we just stayed in, eating, drinking and watching Michael Jackson’s This Is It.

Today as I was getting ready to write about my first international race, which took place on New Year’s Eve morning {Carrera de San Silvestre}, it came to me that even tough we did not attend any New Year’s Eve party, my year still ended with one big party 😉

“La vida es una fiesta, si uno hace lo que ama” – “Life is a party, if you do what you love” That was the official slogan for the Carrera de San Silvestre.

And ain’t that the truth… During my trip and mostly during the last day of 2011, I spent it doing MANY of the things I absolutely love to do: running, traveling, eating and spending quality time with the family.

Running – My first international and mom-daughter 10K race was awesome.  It was a little adventure, we got lost {for the 20th time since our vacay started} only that this time we had a time constraint.  We ended up parking a little far and warmed up our way to the start line.  We were probably {if not THE} one of the last ones to start.  Mom had to run with our bag as we couldn’t find the lockers.  I forgot my MP3 player in the car, but who needs music when you can hear the runners cheering all the way “SI SE PUDEDE” and “VIVA MEXICO”; well, I DO, it was fun but hope to not ever forget my music again.  The whole run was a sightseeing experience.

Traveling – love to travel, but more than travel, I love non-stop travel itineraries, making the most out of our times while visiting is what I LOVE to do… and so we did, we visited markets, towns, landmarks.  On NYE day we went to “El Bazar Del Sabado”, which is a popular crafts market that only takes place on Saturdays.  There are many crafts markets around the city but the picturesque streets and architectura of San Angel set the perfect scene for this ancient tradition of retailing.

Eating – as you might have seen on my Memorable Eats In Mexico post there was plenty of that.  And the last day was no exception, we enjoyed more traditional mexican food in a very beautiful patio in the middle of the bazar, with live music and all!

We enjoyed {more} yummy foods and {Mexican} wines at our NYE pajama dinner.

Spending quality time with the family – it was nice to be able to spend time with my mom and for the kids to spend time with Nini.  Also enjoyed to be able to get away from the day to day and spend quality time as a family.

So, no New Year’s Eve big ball dropping party for us this year, but it was defenetely a week where my life just felt like a party as I did what I love most.

What would be your “party” plan your life? What do you love doing the most?


4 responses to “Ending the Year with a “Party”

  1. That is the most perfect trip!! I love that you raced with your mom! That had to be such a sweet memory to make. All of that food looks AMAZING! I am now craving Mexican food at 8AM! 🙂

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