Memorable Eats in Mexico City

If you didn’t know by now, I looove food… good food… I love to research it, learn about it, photograph it, cook it, eat it… So when in Mexico City I {of course} engaged in some culinary tourism… here are the highlights…

STREET TACOS AT “EL MERCADO DE LA MERCED” – We tried a couple of different taco stands, but these were by far the best.  Besides the “magic” of this marketplace {will go more in-depth in another post}, these “mini” tacos were smaller than the standard taco size, and who doesn’t like small things packed with flavor {yeah, think mini cupcakes}.  Besides having the best taste, each taco was 5 pesos! which equals 36 cents USD; yes, you read that right: thirty-six copper cents. I had 2 steak tacos and 2 chorizo tacos, served the real mexican tacos way: with chopped onions and cilantro, hot sauce and lime.

CHICHARRON DE QUESO – This grilled cheese crunchy thingy is just amazing.  Have you ever made a grilled cheese sandwich and just go right for the burned cheese that drips by the sides? Well imagine that times 100.  Total awesomeness!

CEBOLLITAS {little onions} – These grilled pearl onions tasted like they were cooked with soy or maybe worchestire sauce, lime, salt and pepper.  Will be researching, and will definitely try to make at home.  Simple, delish and healthy.

BUÑUELOS FROM STREET CART –  Buñuelos are fried dough with a hint of anise, served with homemade “syrup”.

POZOLES AT EL BESO HUASTECO –  Pozole is soup, where hominy corn is the “main” ingredient.  There are several versions {white, red, green} with different meats, they also make vegetarian versions.  I had the red pozole with carnitas {pork} and my mom had the green vegetarian, which had pumpkin flowers, sliced peppers and mushrooms.  All the stuff you see on the sides is thrown inside and eat away.  They were awesome!

We tried some other plates and the red mole enchiladas were also really good {another sweet/salty combination I love}.

CHURROS Y CHOCOLATE EN COYOACAN – Churros are fried dough sticks covered in sugar, best enjoyed with some hot {spiced} chocolate.

DINNER DATE AT CENTRAL CENTRAL – This is a very nice restaurant in the Westin Hotel that serves mainly Spanish cuisine.  Had to have wine, after drinking so many “micheladas” {beer with lime juice served on a salted rim glass} was sooo ready for the purple drank.  For appetizers we had grilled asparagus with parmesan cheese {these were reaaaally good}, brie cheese croquettes with figs and Jabugo ham {which was actually more expensive than my entrée, but well worth}.  Then I had a bass with tomatoes sauce and artichokes, hubby had the “surf and turf” his meat was really good, it just melted in your mouth and it was served with a delish Chardonnay reduction… Now the risotto {made with manchego and parmesan cheese} was out of this world, it just had this amazing taste I just can’t even describe it.


Had dessert {chocolate lava cake} and Bailey’s at the terrace next to the fire.

THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER AT ‘EL CARDENAL’ – As soon as you sit, they come with a tray full of pastries and breads and pour in the super rich hot chocolate.  The pastries were all sooo good they melted in the mouth, not too salty, not too sweet.  The green juice {celery, pineapple and orange juice} had just the right amount of each and was so refreshing.  The egg casseroles and enchiladas were so delicious, and “sweeping” the plate with that perfectly crunchy and soft bread was the perfect way to end it.

SALUD! To another year full of yummy foods, health and happiness! {for us and ALL of you}


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