About {New Year’s} Resolutions. What will it be?

Happy New Year!! This be that time of the year where everyone is getting their new year’s resolutions in line and setting those goals for the year that begins with promises to be better than last.

So what are my goals? Well, the same as every year: none. For me, if you want something you make it happen no matter what, wherever and whenever, you just go for it, that is the real guarantee that you will go thru with it.  Setting a goal when your mind is not really ready for it, most likely will mean setting yourself for failure. If you make it this “must do thing”, sooner or later it will catch up to you and you will throw the towel {maybe at the point of no return}.  On the other hand, when your mind and heart are set, nothing should be stopping you; and in this same principle, when you are enjoying what you do, “goals” are really not the ultimate satisfaction, but the fact that you made it happen will be.

Hubby is a long time runner, and in an effort to do more together, I tried to “push” myself to run so many times before, only to stop right away and hate it more. Well, I wasn’t doing it because I really wanted to.  But 5 months ago I had a total change of heart, and with my mind in the right place I started running. Not even the fact that I could not run a mile straight made me stop, I was enjoying it and I still do.  Do I have running goals? I really don’t, except for the resolution to just keep doing it and to complete a couple of races this year; again, no exact number, just what life “allows” me to and what I “feel” like doing.  I truly enjoy running, but I have other priorities in my life, and even though I plan to run some races this year, my times for any of them is not important, I just want to enjoy them {and hopefully travel}.  So for those of you who jotted down “running a race” {but not before training for it} on your list, stop reading, go sign up for one and just enjoy it! Who cares if you have to walk half of it.

But yes, resolutions and goals are still a popular thing this time a year and there are certainly those who need that New Year’s little kick.  So let’s stay focus people! The new year should not be a “goal setting” time, it should mark the START of that something you {really} wish to accomplish.  Goals and resolutions are very different, and I do believe they also have very different results.  It is very different to resolve to lose weight than to set a goal to lose 20 lbs in the new year.  Resolving to lose weight will most likely make you adopt healthier habits, prepare you mentally for what is to come and let you concentrate on the actual “process” rather than in the “goal”.

Setting goals can be risky in several ways:

  • Some concentrate so much on the goal in mind that forget to enjoy the actual process of getting there.
  • Some feel that if they are not right on track with their goal, they often get frustrated and quit.
  • And for some, if the actual goal is not achieve, feelings of disappointment will most likely follow; and again, make them quit or push themselves harder next time around.

Is like a vicious circle.  Really not trying to be a {New Year’s} party pooper here, I just want to encourage you to be mindful, realistic and true to yourself.  If you want to engage into loosing those pounds just to reach a number, but don’t enjoy the healthier lifestyle and see yourself going back to your old habits after the fact, then why even bother?

However, I am a believer that next year WILL be better than last because I WILL make it so.  Even when presented with life’s unexpected events, I WILL keep working towards being a better person, mom and wife; I WILL continue on my healthier living quest and I WILL keep running to the finish line!

What are your {mindful} resolutions for this year?


4 responses to “About {New Year’s} Resolutions. What will it be?

  1. Nice to read your similar thoughts =) And I like what you say about having your heart in the right place. If it’s not something you really want to do, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Welcome to he running world and I’m glad you are enjoying it!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. I love this post! I think you have an awesome perspective on goals! I actually just blogged about my resolutions. I always try to set myself up for success and make my resolutions attainable. I also always make a handful to include various aspects of my life!

    • Thanks, glad you feel that way, was afraid to come across as a little aggressive. Yes! your resolutions certainly seem totally mindful and attainable… how important it is to remind ourselves of those “little” things that are essential to our wellness and happiness.

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