Vacation Improvisation

Good morning all the way from Mexico City 🙂  All settled down and enjoying our times with Nini.  This is the view from my cousin’s place.  Oh how I missed mountains.  No, no mountains in Miami, but in Caracas, Vzla {where I grew up} there are.

This vacation is a little different, specially to such a “touristy” place as Mexico City; see, I am sort of an OCD person, and more obsesive when it comes to planning vacations.  I go all out with research, hourly schedules and everything.  I have been here twice before and have actually done all the big tourist atractions and museums already, so with more reason I wanted to prepared for this trip and look for more “off the beaten path” activities.  But oh well, was sooo busy the past month I just didn’t get to it.  All I know is I want to take the kids to the Children’s Museum, Friday we have to go get the race packages and Saturday morning we race!

So  yesterday I spent most of the afternoon researching and reading Mexico City blogs {specially food ones}, but didn’t really get too far, I just felt overwhelmed with info.  My process usually takes a little time as I first do research and make a list of the places I want to go, then I “group” them by what is close and make a “schedule” based on that.  I mean, I really get into it, the first time we went to NYC by the time we got there I was moving around like {almost} a local, subway and all.  And the same when we went to San Fran and Napa, it all went so smooth and we got time to see and do a LOT in a few days.  Ok, enough of my vacation planning, or lack of {in this case}.

So yesterday we just stayed in the building, took the kids to the park, went to the supermarket, napped, kids went to the indoor pool and ran 5K in the gym {loving the new shoes}

Some of the “antojitos” we picked at the supermarket:

Bakery was awesome!

Crema, Queso Cotija and Queso Oaxaca

"Veggie" Chorizo


Fresh tortillas

Palmeritas. My faves since I was a kid.

Our improvised dinner went something like this:

Sliced 2 poblano peppers, 1 onion and 1 tomato.  Sautéed in med heat and added some beer with lime and chile pasilla & tamarindo sauce.  Salt to taste.

We also made some “chicharrones en salsa verde” {pork rinds in green sauce}, which ended up being red because the chicharrones we used had chile powder already.

Then ate our creations with tortillas, crema y queso.  Of course, the Jarritos Tamarindo {tamarind soda} no podia faltar 🙂

Right before bed sipped some hot chocolate with oatmeal cookies as I read Runner’s World Mexican version.


Today, we go to the Centro Historico to visit some “Mercados”, to keep improvising and eating our way through the City.

How obsessive are you with planning vacations? Do you go all out planning? Or do you just pack up and go?


2 responses to “Vacation Improvisation

  1. I am right there with you, girlie! I am a total OCD vacation planner! It is a little ridiculous! However, we always have an amazing time doing the million activities I have planned! 🙂 The food looks amazing! I have only been to Mexico once in my life so I cannot wait to hear all about your vacation!

    • Glad to know I am not alone in being a vacation freak… I will not do it any other way, especially after experiencing the other side… On the spot planning even got me a little stressed… but again, I am just a freak like that 😛 But after all we had a great time. Now I’m in the process of organizing my 450 pics and thoughts, will post about vacation soon.

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