The French Bistro

Some more christmas shopping this afternoon, I am {almost} done, just 1 more gift and “dasit” {that’s it}. Babies hung in there pretty well, so after they {and I} couldn’t take it anymore we headed to The French Bistro for some “pastica”. This little place is a family owned little restaurant, not too fancy, offering delicious foods and always very amicable service.  Is a French/Argentinian/Italian mix, we are in Miami after all, so this is what you get: an Argentinian owner with Italian roots (like many Argentinians) who has previously worked at Italian Restaurants, an Argentinian Steakhouse and now owns a French Bistro. So whatever geographical mood who might be in, you can get it here.

This time.  I went for the French and ordered the Portobello and Provolone Crepes.  The creepes were freshly made, thin and perfectly cooked filled with the melted cheese, mushroom, tomatoes and condimented with oregano to perfection.  They were served with a salad with a delish homemade dressing that was creamy and garlicky.  Could handle both of them and so guess what’s for lunch tomorrow.

The kids had the cheese raviolis with pink sauce {and of course I had to try}.  Usually Argentinians know their Italian cuisine very well, and I know how strange it sounds that you are coming to a French Bistro to eat pasta, but they do know how to cook their pasta.  Their tomato sauce is excellent, very fresh tasting, and so when mixed with cream to make the pink sauce the result is still excellent.

This time instead of closing with dessert, I’ll close telling you that you must not pass on their bread.  Make sure to enjoy their fresh, perfectly crunchy french bread with butter before your food.  Which they also use for their sandwiches, which are also really good.

Surviving the test of time in Miami, is the ultimate test, and proof that a restaurant is worthy of being more than the “hip” place of the moment.  The French Bistro is an excellent local eatery honestly serving good foods with a smile… and “dasit”

Any favorite local eateries in your area?


One response to “The French Bistro

  1. Love this places completely thru every is super fresh and home made nothing process, you do fell at home (specially my 3 boys which owner treat as their own grand kids).

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