Carrera de Fin de Año!

End of the year race!

So excited to be registered for my first international running event: La San Silvestre 10K in Mexico City on 12/31/11 {December 31st is el dia de San Silvestre}. Way to close the year! Or better yet, way to START the year.

The original Corrida Internacional de São Silvestre, is a 15K traditional race that takes place every year the morning of New Year’s Eve in Brazil since 1925, is their oldest and most prestigious street race, which attracts the participation of elite Latin American athletes.

There is also the traditional La San Silvestre Vallecana, a 10K edition in Madrid that takes place every year since 1964. And other countries like Portugal and Italy also organize yearly San Silvestre races.

Mexico City’s San Silvestre takes place since 1995. Starting at the Gandhi monument and down the Avenida Paseo Reforma.

So could there be anything more exciting than running my first international race? Well, yes! I will be running with my mom for the first time. We both got into running after she had left the USA and now we get to share a very special moment on a very special day. After a year of many difficulties for both of us {individually and together} God could not have brought our year to a better resolution.  Life challenges suck! but they are part of life, and only by going through them can we savor the better times.  Sometimes things do not go the way we want them to go, but there is a divine plan for all of us, and I do believe as long as your heart is in the right place, there is a happy ending for everyone. 

Almost sniffing here… Wanna hear something funny? So I registered my mom for the race and the category {la categoria} is assigned automatically… Check out her category:

Yep! She is a “veteran”… LOL! Too funny.

Now, I am off to do some research about running conditions in Mexico City, between smog, higher altitude, cold weather, I have some learning to do; but again, I am not stressing it, it’s all about running with mom {la veterana}!!!

Have you ever raced somewhere with really different conditions than what you are used to? Any “international racing” tips? I am also taking cold weather running tips, which I am def. not used to.


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