My First Half Marathon

Highlights of my first half marathon:

My excitement. Hubby could not have put it better I was like a kid on Christmas Eve.  I was pumped up and so nervous… but those butterflies in my stomach actually felt good.  The bad thing: I didn’t sleep very well… I was seriously having nightmares that I was going to oversleep and that I was going to get injured… Hope that as I get more races under my belt I can get better about this.

The track. No secret that Miami is a beautiful city {I love Miami} and running around Art Deco buildings and waterfront definitely makes it so much enjoyable.  And of course with waterfront views come bridges, 4 of them! 😮

The rainbow.  There was a beautiful rainbow accompanying us for most of the way.  And yes after the rain, comes the rainbow… there was rain, muggy and hot weather… But hey! it comes with the territory this is Miami.

Hubby cheering on the side line and waiting for me at the finish line, and not because he finished before me {which is usually the case}, but because he was there to support me! {and take awesome pictures} I love him.

Pitbull concert.  Yes! Mr. 305 himself {I know, he is Mr. Worldwide now, but like the old one better}.  We had a great spot right at the front and the place wasn’t really that packed.  We got to rest on the sand for a little bit.  He sang all the hits and getting to see him dance in person was awesome!

Finishing! my first 13.1 miles ever! in 2:16:01

The After Meal.  A juicy, seasoned to perfection burger from Pincho Factory with lettuce, tomatoes, “papitas” and their pink sauce.  Cajun fries with sauteed onions and pink sauce.  Beer and more pink sauce {on the side}.

Was I a little crazy to run past 11 miles for the first time in my life at a half marathon setting and only 3 months after getting into running?


2 responses to “My First Half Marathon

  1. Congratulations! I don’t think you’re crazy at all, unless that makes me crazy, too. I just started running in October, and I’m doing my first half marathon the first weekend of February. I hope I have as much fun as you did because I’m slowly getting nervous haha

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