Pre-Race Goodies

Outdoor tents with goodies… who doesn’t love that? I do! and with FITNESS goodies, yes! love it more…. So today they had the pre-race expo, prior to tomorrow’s half marathon (Rock N Roll Latin Music Miami Beach) and I went with the family to pick up my race package (yay! I still can believe I am doing this).

And of course left with a couple more things than what I came for…

1. Bondi Band headbands – I am a sucker for headbands for working out {and the beach}… see I have these stubborn “little” hairs that just love to fly all over the place… and I just can’t have that going on… glamour before all… haha… so I was soooo happy to found these.  Why I fell in love: they are super thin, elastic, no slip, no drip, and they have so many different colors and cute sayings.

Even hubby was digging them: {he even looks cute with a pink headband on #justsaying}

So we ended up getting 3: a gray one, a black with “Will run for wine” and a “SLOW… is the new fast” in navy blue though.

2. iFitness fuel belt – For a while I had been debating the idea of wearing a fuel belt for running, liked the idea of having a place for valuables and hydration available, but was totally dreading: the uncomfort, the weight and yes, the look.  So this model I found tackled all my concerns: around the waist band is very thin, elastic but secure at the same time. The pouch is perfect size, not too big, not too small and I picked up the waterproof one.  I was also brave enough to pick up the add-on bottles, they have a smaller 6 oz. ones and those are the ones I went for {again, just a little worried about the added weight}. The water bottle pouches are very sturdy and have very good padding on the back for comfort, they also DO NOT bounce during run.  Only used one bottle during my race, and overall was very pleased with this fuel belt, skipped the arm pouch and threw my MP3 inside the pouch.  Oh! almost forgot, it also has the holder for your race number, which comes in very handy for me because I do not like to wear mine on my shirt.



3. Brooks PureCadence {wish for} – From the moment I saw them, I knew I should have not tried them.  They looked like they would fit very snug, with just the right amount of support {for me} and oh so light!!  So I gave in and tried them on.  I want a pair before the end of the year.  ‘Nuff said.

4. ING 1/2 Marathon – Training for this with Team FDC is actually what got everything started.  I was going to sign up eventually, but the fact that they were giving discounts for signing up during Expo pushed me to sign up right then and there.  I got a peek at their commemorative 10 year anniversary medal, soooo excited… I even made it on their FB page with the kiddies.

5. Pizza, pizza – Decided to get some yummy coal oven pizza from Piola, right next to the Lincoln movie theater…. had not been here since our dating days… Had a carpaccio with arugula to start and then shared two pizzas between the four: one with egg and bacon and one with spinach, olives and onions… thin crust and “well done”, just perfect… Hopefully it won’t be that long before we come back.

Very exciting pre-race day… Tomorrow will be even better…


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