Just do it!

Today I reached a running milestone… 8 miles, non-stop, with bridge included, in 1hr17’52″…

I am defenitely on my way to the 13.1… The Rock n Roll Latin Music Miami Beach 1/2 Marathon http://runrocknroll.competitor.com/miami-beach.

It is my longest run to date, and just last weekend I did my previous longest of 6 miles.  I am not even sure how is all coming to be… because only a couple of months ago I could not run not even 2 miles without having to “walk it out” a little.  I have always kept a healthy weight, but I have never been too much into anything fitness; until I started spinning about 3 years ago, I discovered the importance of staying active even if you’re happy with your weight, but that was just the 2 to 3 times a week 1-hour workouts, I just didn’t have the energy to do more than that. Since hubby is a big time runner, I have been trying to get into running for the past 2 years… but it would frustrate me soooo much to not be able to run a mile non-stop.  So that’s why this whole running thing coming together for me is sort of a big deal.

It was also my first time running with a big group.  I joined the FDC Team http://www.teamfdc.com/ , which is a great group mainly training for the ING half and full marathons in January 2012, it’s free and I love their statement: “The cost to train with us? Your willingness, your desire, your time and your dedication. Not a penny more. The only thing I would ask is that you pay it forward. Help someone else down the line reach a goal and discover a healthier lifestyle.”  And I was really happy and impressed to see ALL kind of people out there, concerned about their wellness and actually doing something about it.  Some walked, some jogged, some ran, some did a little of each it… But they DID it, they were there and that was very inspiring to me… And I am sure THAT had a lot to do with motivating me to finish my 8-mile run…

I am also very motivated to “pay it forward”, so if you want to join, no matter what your level is, please let me know and I would more than gladly help you get started on DOING something for your wellness.

P.S. fuel for the run: a mix of Want More Energy and IsaFruits… all natural, NO caffeine nor stimulants.


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